Psychologists and Occupational Physicians Request for Interview

~Please help us develop an "AI" to watch over our minds!

To improve the work of psychologists and industrial physicians and provide better therapy.
Please help us develop an “AI” to watch over our minds!

ad-dice Inc. is a start-up company that is trying to develop a “healthcare AI” to monitor the mind and body. Using a unique AI technology called “Solomon Technology,” which holds a patent, the company is building a system that monitors mental changes 24/7, presents behavioral risk as a “score,” and utilizes the score for therapy and diagnosis.

Starting in April 2023, two types of Behavioral Health Scores, the “Strain Scores” and the “Melancholy Scores,” have been released and implemented in the system.

ad-dice’s healthcare AI uses vital data measured by a smartwatch to determine the extent to which symptoms of mental illness are present, or are likely to be present, in the future.

Or are they likely to appear in the future? The data is securely aggregated in the cloud and shared with clients who are authorized to use it.

The data is securely stored in the cloud. The data is securely stored in the cloud and can only be shared with those who have the client’s permission.

Therapists and industrial physicians can use this AI to understand what mental changes have occurred in people with mental illness outside of clinic hours and can use this information for treatment.

In order to develop better AI, it is essential to hear from therapists and industrial physicians who are actually dealing with pclients.

Therefore, we have decided to request interviews with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists, and other psychologists and industrial physicians.
We would be grateful for your cooperation in the development of better healthcare AI by listening to your voices!


We will listen to the problems and issues felt by therapists and industrial physicians and reflect them in the development of “Healthcare AI” for behavioral health monitoring.
Please refer to the following for more information on Health Care AI.
Predictive 24/7 Monitoring for emotional health.


Psychologists (psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists, etc.) and industrial physicians

Interview Method

This is an online interview.
You can access the online meeting URL that we will send to you at your home, office, etc., on your own “camera-equipped smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.
Other methods are available upon request.

time spent at work

It is expected to take 30-60 minutes.


Several AI planners from Ad Dice Inc. will be available to talk with you.

Number of applicants

small number of people

Who we are looking for

・Those who have problems with their current therapy methods.
・Those who want to improve the treatment of mental illnesses of clients with better therapy methods.
・Those who want to conduct therapy based on numerical and objective data.
・Those who feel the need to promote IT and DX in the psychotherapy and occupational medicine industries.

If you are interested in helping us, please contact us using the form below.
A representative will contact you shortly.
Please feel free to contact us below if you are not sure or if you are still considering.

interview Participation Form

We will not use the information you send us through the above form or the information we obtain through this interview for any purpose other than AI development purposes.

We will never provide your personal information to a third party without your consent. Please be assured.

We sincerely look forward to your cooperation.