"Behavioral Health Scores" will be released for ResQ AI!

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ResQ AI provides 24/7 monitoring not only the body but also the mind

“ResQ AI” is a simple, low-cost solution that provides predictive monitoring based on ad-dice’s proprietary AI technology that named “SoLoMoN® Technology,” to analyze vital data measured by smartwatches and other devices to provide personalized mental risk monitoring.

We had been developing this system mainly for physical health monitoring. Now we are releasing two new scores for behavioral health monitoring based on the results of demonstration experiments in various locations.

Two Behavioral Health Scores
1.Strain Scores
2.Melancholy Scores

ad-dice is committed to quantifying and visualizing the anxiety and depression through these Behavioral Health Scores to realize the mental well-being of all people.

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What is a Behavioral Health Scores?

Behavioral Health Scores help people alert the potential risk of mental anxiety and depression based on the state of vitals.

1.Strain Scores


Strain Scores

These scores help to notice how tired your mind is. In the future, we hope you can grasp the disturbances in your physical condition that lead to a behavioral health issue and ask care provides to avoid the depression at an early stage by changing one’s behavior.

2.Melancholy Scores


Melancholy Scores

These scores help to notice the state of mental depression, such as feeling depressed, not feeling like doing anything, being constantly irritated, and thinking only pessimistic thoughts. If these scores continue to be high, it can be inferred that the user is on the verge of mental damage. Early recognition can help you recover your behavioral health.

Behavioral Health Scores

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ResQ AI can monitor the physical and behavioral health of people with behavioral health problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Data is centrally managed by AI in the cloud, enabling behavioral health monitoring while protecting privacy.

Medical institutions, local governments, pharmaceutical companies, employment support facilities, small and medium-sized companies, industrial physicians, and others who have people suffering from behavioral health problems are welcome to participate in the trial use of ResQ AI!

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We request interviews with psychiatrists, counselors, therapist, and industrial physicians.

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